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Product Availability Map

  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Lender Accepted
  • Risk Assessment Before Purchase
  • No Elevation Certificate Required
  • Little or No Waiting Period
Simplified Flood Insurance
  • Up to $1.5m Building Coverage
  • Full Replacement Value for Damages
  • Living Expenses if Displaced
  • Basement Coverage Available
Customize For Your Needs
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Waiting Period

FL and NJ: 0 days

Lender closing: 0 days

All other: 7 days

Lender closing: 0 days

All other: 30 days

Elevation Certificate

Not required, 

but could be beneficial for rating

Not required, 

but could be beneficial for rating

Replacement Cost Value Limit

Up to $7.5 Million*

Not applicable

Dwelling Limit (Cov A)

Up to $1.5 Million*


Other Structures Limit (Cov B)

Up to $20% of Cov A Separate Limit*

Up to 10% included limit for limited structures

Contents Limit (Cov C)

Up to 50% of Dwelling Limits


Basement Dwelling Limits

Up to 50% of Cov A, max of $250k*

Limited coverage to machinery & equipment servicing the building, unfinished drywall, and non-flammable insulation

Basement Contents Limits

Up to 50% of Cov C, max of $100k*

Portable AC, clothes washer & dryer,  food freezer (not a walk-in), food in freezer

Loss of Use Limit (Cov F)

Up to 50% of Cov A, max of $150k*; $5k included in base tier

Not available


Primary of Secondary Residence


Number of Families

Single-family only**

1-4 family for residential

Fees (based on $1000 premium)

FL MGA Fee: $25

FL FIGA Fee: 0.7% + 1.3% of premium = $20

FL fee Total: $45

NJ MGA Fee: $0

NJ fee Total : $0

E&S MGA Fee: $50

E&S Tax: $3.5***

E&S fee Total: $53.5

Reserve fund 18%: $180 

Policy Fee $47,


Non-Primary $250 

Total fee: $502

Payment Plans

Lender billed, 

Pay in full, 

Semi­ Annually, Quarterly & Monthly****

Pay in full

Other Coverages*

Pool Clean-up/Repair (Up to $50k), 

Loss Avoidance Measures, 

Loss Assessment Charges, 

Fire Dept Service Charges, 

Deck and Handicap Ramp, 

Law and Ordinance Compliance, 

Trees. Shrubs, and Other Plants

Higher Special Limits

Not available

Beyond Floods is not affiliated with the National Flood Insurance Program

A buy up of coverage, not included in base tier offering       *

Includes Townhomes and Duplex unit not in a condo form of ownership     **

minor variations to this amount per state   ***

Installment fees may apply ****

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Backed by Powerful Data

Any model used to predict outcomes is only as good as the input data used. We simply know more about your property’s flood risk factors than any other insurance company in the market. 

We combine our comprehensive data holdings with cutting edge modeling to price your policy appropriately and often saving our customers 20% or more. We leave you completely out of all this heavy lifting.  

Trillion Elevation Datapoints
Billion Flood Risk Factors
Million US Properties Evaluated
Million Historic Losses Analyzed

The Power of Choice!

We’ll always give you three quote options making a recommendation on the best value for money, tailored to each property and risk profile.