If you are like most agents in today’s market, you are looking for opportunities to bring more revenue into your agency.  In my opinion one of the most overlooked ways of getting the task done is “good ole fashion” cross selling!  There is a different approach to cross selling a new or existing client.  However, they have one thing in common…getting to know your client so you can point out the gaps in coverage they may have.  Most of us are always on the defense when we feel we are about to get hit with a “sales pitch” so presenting the idea to your client as you are getting to know them rather than you are trying to sell them is a great way to bring down the wall a client may have from the get go.

The concept “If you don’t offer it, you can’t sell it” applies here.  Let’s take flood insurance as an example.  Consumers already have the stigma that this coverage is “not needed” unless their mortgage requires it.  Therefore, educating your client on their exposure is key. But most importantly, offering the coverage with a new business quote or at the time of renewal is the first step in the right direction.  The industry has pigeon holed agents into an order taking role instead of the first line risk manager they are.  Breaking that pattern is key to getting your client to see you as a resource and not a “used car salesman”.

Taking the time to review your clients and their risks is the best form of customer service you can offer them.  Address their needs, build a rapport and you will be able to establish stronger relationships.  This will create the best opportunity for cross-selling…remember “if you don’t offer it, you can’t sell it”.  Make cross selling a process in your agency.